We accepts both kinds of ecochecks

Eco checks are meant for the purchase of ecological products and services.

There's a list of products and services drawn up that qualify for purchase with eco  checks. The list is built around 6 ecological goals:

  • Energiesaving
  • Waterconsumption
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Avoidance of waste
  • Ecodesign ( products made according to the guidance and rules provided by the European Ecolabel)
  • Nature

In our shop, the checks can be used for the following categories of products:

  • Washing machines, Drying machines and combi washer dryers with minimum A+++ label (built-in or freestanding)
  • Dishwashers with AAA label (built-in or freestanding)
  • Fridges, Combi fridge-freezers and Freezers with minimum A+++ label
  • Ovens, Hoods and heating appliances with minimum A+ label
  • Vacuumcleaners, lamps, fittings and led lightning with minimum B energy label
  • Sodastream appliances, accessories and gas fillings

This article was published on Saturday 01 August, 2015.
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