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Imperia Simplex SP150 TS Spaghetti Hulpstuk

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Brand: Imperia
Model: IMPERIA 275
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    • Brand: Imperia
    • Model: IMPERIA 275
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  • About Imperia

    The Imperia Pasta machine has quickly become the #1 leading homemade pasta maker and not without reason.

    It's well-built, long-lasting, and absolute piece of cake to use and above of all - it makes the most delicious pasta you will ever taste! Some say even better than what you'll find in top grade Italian restaurants. The Imperia machine is considered as the Rolls Royce of pasta machines.

    The Imperia pasta machine is not just a thing of great beauty, it's an object of supreme practically - from it's solid steel and wooden cranking handle right through to its sturdy, steadfast table clamp. This is Italian high-end manufacturing and craftsmanship at its absolute finest.

    Whether you're looking to make fettucine, farfalle or conchigle with your Imperia pasta maker you'll find the right model and the right attachment you need.

    You'll be able to use to stun and amaze your dining guests with wonderful culinary experiences that will live long in the memory. Mamma Mia! You'll love it!

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