KitchenAid what your choice of colors reveals about you

KitchenAid will increase colour range in 2011

KitchenAid will increase its colour range and we are allowed to enjoy them. The extremely popular and sold worldwide KitchenAid mixers, blenders and food processors have a standing success. They have a pure and timeless form.

KitchenAid and Colour & Material Finishing Studio announce with pleasure the colour range for 2011.

Which personality speaks from your colour choice?

Don’t think too long, be spontaneous; choose the first colour that comes into your mind!
Your instinctive choice of colours tells a lot about yourself, how you function and how other people perceive you. It’s the key to your actions and you character traits, as well as your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides. Your choice shows how you are in the world, what your strengths and weaknesses are, your vulnerabilities, your deepest needs and you challenges at this point in your life.

Do you prefer...; Than you are
BluePeaceful, calm, stable, harmonious, reliable, looking for unity, credible, conservative, orderly, loyal, dedicated
BlackPowerful, sensual, refined, formal, elegant, rich, mysterious, anonymous, stylish, dark
GreenYouthful, vital, generous, fertile, jealous, fresh, hopeful, harmonious, positive, healthy, universalistic, deliberate
OrangeWarm, energetic, dynamic, exciting, cozy, warm, balanced, enthusiastic, lively, flamboyant, attention-getting
Purple Generosity, spiritual, mysterious, wise, enlightened, exotic, transformational, ceremonial, discrete
RedLoving, passionate, desirable, active, strong, fortunate, warm, energetic, assertive, expressive, lively, cheerful, fast, sensual, enthusiastic
WhitePure, simple, clean, peaceful, humble, just, innocent, youthful, well
PinkFemale, lovely, sensitive, tender, sweet, delicate
BrownEstablished, confident, pragmatic, practical, earthy, conservative, warm
YellowCheerful, happy, optimistic, idealistic, imaginative, hopeful, sunny, philosophical, spiritual, friendly, curious, spontaneous

This article was published on Friday 18 March, 2011.
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