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Lekue Macoron set

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Brand: Lekue
Model: LEKUE 3000001SUR
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    • Brand: Lekue
    • Model: LEKUE 3000001SUR
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  • About Lekue

    Lékué designs flexible solutions to enjoy more of cooking and your kitchen. In our range you can find different bake ware but also some accessories to decorate your cake or pie. Lékué ensures you plesure by making drinks, pies, cookies or chocolates.

    Healthy, easy cooking with the most innovative products is possible thanks to Lékué. Quality, functionality and design that will surprise you with a wide range to make cooking, preparation, preservation, baking and freezing easier. Discover the pleasure of cooking at home by blending different flavors, textures and trying exciting recipes that are included with every Lékué product.

    Lékué is located in the Catalonia region of Spain outside of Barcelona, and has been the leader in design and manufacturing of high end silicone products since 1980. All the products comply with the quality, technical and design specifications that guarantee durability. Lékué’s products are non-stick; they do not require greasing. You save calories because you don't need to add extra butter and/or oil. You can easily fold and store the products made with this flexible material without deforming them, so you save space in the kitchen. Silicone doesn’t break like glass and doesn’t rust like metals. Products manufactured with platinum silicone withstand high temperatures: -60ºC and 220ºC. Its versatility and ability to withstand to high temperatures make it safe to use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer. Platinum silicone repels water and germs so, apart from easy maintenance, it guarantees maximum food hygiene and safety.

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