MELIOR® is originally a Latin word and means ”better“. Does this mean MELIOR® Coffee Makers offer a method to brew better coffee? The oils of the coffee beans are responsible for the rich flavor and the unique aroma of coffee. Extracting the most of these aromatic essences will make for a good cup of this beverage. This is the reason why the method of brewing coffee with the MELIOR® French Press System is more effective than with paper filters absorbing the precious essences of coffee. It allows the coffee to be in contact with the water at the correct temperature. The water extracts all of the essential oils and acids from the coffee so that it reaches its full potential and you enjoy the “flavor profile” that you prefer. Pressing the coffee separates the grounds from the coffee for serving. The 3-part stainless steel filter doesn’t require any paper to soak up the essential oils, so you get the full flavor profile of the coffee. Truly, the MELIOR® Coffee Maker is the way to say goodbye to bad coffee for good!


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