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The Miele Vitasteam cooker: A compact all-round talent Tasty steam cuisine Do you like the good life? Do you value a balanced diet? Then change your dietary habits and become a connoisseur of fine food with the help of Miele's new Vitasteam cooker, an innovative cooking appliance which excels at bringing out the exquisite taste of food. The best thing is that in the Vitasteam, tasty food automatically means healthy food, full of vitamins and nutrients. And the all-rounder only needs 50 cm of space on the worktop in the kitchen and a wall socket nearby.

The Vitasteam generates steam in a steam generator in a water tank. This steam then enters the cavity, surrounding food on all sides. This is a much more gentle way to prepare vegetables, fish and side dishes than in a pan or frying pan. In addition, steam-cooked food has a very intensive taste, obviating the need to season in many cases. It is also a well-known fact that food must look appetising and food cooked in the Vitasteam looks more attractive because it retains its natural colour and texture.

No burning on or boiling over ? the cooking appliance of the future

The new Vitasteam is far superior to the better known pressure cooker, as the cooking process in the Miele steam cooker is very precise and electronically controlled. This makes handling very simple and has many benefits. Just one practical example: Place carrots into the appliance, select 100?C and 7 minutes cooking time. These selections are made using just one operating control knob ? turn-and-confirm, it is as simple as that. During cooking, users can attend to other matters because food cannot boil over or burn on in a Miele steam cooker. An audible tone signals the end of the cooking process.

A healthy diet with fish and vegetables

The German Nutritional Society (DGE) recommends the consumption of two portions of fish per week. Sea fish, in particular, is an excellent source of iodine and selenium (important for hormone production) and unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids (protect the heart and coronary system, improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure). The fact that not much fish is eaten can be put down to the rather involved preparation. A delicate piece of fish falling apart in the pan because the temperature was too hot or turning it did not go quite as planned can be very annoying.

This will not happen in the Vitasteam. Turning the food is not necessary and the appliance maintains the ideal temperature for fish fillet of 85?C precisely. Just how superior the Miele steam cooker is at cooking fish compared to other methods of food preparation is proved by a scientific study performed by the German universities of Koblenz-Landau and Gie?en.

Professor Dr. Elmar Schlich and Dr. Michaela Schlich cooked salmon, ocean perch and monkfish partly immersed in a small quantity of water in a pan on the hob and also prepared this fish in a microwave oven and in the Miele steam cooker. The scientists' conclusions are unequivocal: "Tested according to scientific methods, the sensory properties (colour, aroma, taste and texture) of steam-cooked fish was shown to be considerably better than cooking/boiling on the hob or cooking in a microwave oven".

The Miele steam cooker is also top of the class when it comes to preparing vegetables. This is proved by a study for which paprika, carrots, broccoli and potatoes were steam-cooked and prepared on a hob. In the sensory part of the study, colour, form, taste and texture of food were evaluated. Nutritional analysis formed the second part of the study. Here, vitamin, mineral and trace element content was evaluated after various forms of cooking. The scientists from Gie?en and Koblenz-Landau come to the conclusion: "Compared with traditional methods, Miele steam cookers deliver excellent results as regards the sensory and nutritional quality of vegetables". Professor Dr. Elmar Schlich goes on to explain the results of the study: "After steam cooking, it is above all vegetables which show high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. At the same time, such cooking has a positive effect on natural flavour. In contrast, traditional cooking often results in bland food taste as some of the water-soluble vitamins and minerals are lost". Broccoli is a good example to demonstrate these negative effects: Samples prepared in a steam cooker have about a 50% higher Vitamin C content than those prepared under ideal conditions in a pan.

A matter of good taste

No other cooking appliance can prepare a complete meal for six to eight people as conveniently as a Miele steam cooker. In the Vitasteam, food can be simultaneously cooked on three levels. Just one example: First, put the potatoes into the appliance and select a cooking time of 10 minutes. Then add chicken kebabs for 10 minutes. Finally, add the peppers for 8 minutes. The complete meal is ready in almost 30 minutes. As cooking in the Vitasteam is pressureless, the process can be interrupted at any time by opening the door to add more food.

The cookery book which comes with every appliance shows just how versatile steam cooking is. Even dedicated budding chefs de cuisine are amazed at the range of starters, soups and stews, vegetarian dishes, fish, meat, vegetables, side dishes and desserts ? a total of over 100 'steamed' culinary specialities.

With a temperature range of between 40?C and 100?C, the appliance can also be used for other applications. Plated meals are easy to heat up. Defrosting frozen food poses no problems at all and there is no risk of food starting to cook at 60?C or becoming grey as a result of exposure to oxygen. The steam cooker can also be used for fruit stewing and juice extraction, blanching vegetables and even disinfecting baby bottles.

Different and better: The Miele cooking method guarantees perfect results

A special feature of the Miele appliance is steam generation in a steam generator in a water tank outside the cavity. Professional chefs appreciate this principle of operation because food is very gently cooked. In contrast, when steam is generated in the cavity, dry heat is created in the heat-up phase which can result in the outer layers drying out and an unsightly skin forming.
A further practical benefit of the Miele technology is quantity-independent cooking. With Miele steam cookers, it is immaterial whether large or small amounts, fresh or frozen vegetables are cooked. For example, for peas users select 100?C and a cooking time of five minutes, no matter whether 50 g or 20 g, fresh or frozen peas (or a mixture of both) are to be cooked. The Vitasteam delivers the same excellent results time after time. In contrast, traditional cooking methods demand much more expertise and attention on the part of the chef.

This article was published on Monday 07 November, 2005.
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