Attention to details, this makes from Staub an exceptional brand: the perfectly fitting lids with spikes that ensure a continuous sprinkling, the heat-resistant buttons in nickel plated steel and a quartzinfused inner layer in frosted black.

The colourful shapes, durability and easy of use, this makes you get a successful presentation of the dishes on the table. You'll find Staub in the kitchens of the biggest restaurants. The cocotttes are ideal in the kitchen aswell as on the table. With these pots and pans you'll turn the most beautiful and most delicious roasts, steus etc on the table.

Cast iron is suitable for induction, but it should not be exposed to too violent temperature changes. You should give cast iron the time to adjust to the temperature, that's why you can't use the boost-function on induction with cast iron pots and pans. You have to slowly heat up your cast iron pan, this applies to all types of hobs.

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