At Tarrerias-Bonjean cutlery is an integral part of the identity since 5 generations, but even longers as there has been a 'coustelier' with the name 'Tarerias' registered in Thiers in 1648.

Today, Tarrerias-Bonjean is not only a French leader in cutlery. TB discovers the real needs and develops innovative solutions.
TB doesn't just manufacture products for the pleasure of manufacturing. The design has to match the usability and performance.
TB aspires to develop objects that last for generations, with extreme durability by a combination of technology, courage and simplicity.

TB is focused on controlling perfection. Anchored in expertise and constant evolution, the skilled labourers from tomorrow, happy to have been able to make a large contribution to the evolution of this nobel utility which the knive is by the Evercut technology (the blade that beats time).

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