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Villeroy & Boch Cooking Elements Serving Dish 22x22cm

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Brand: Villeroy & Boch
Model: VB 13-6021-3030
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  • About Villeroy & Boch
    Villeroy & Boch

    The Villeroy & Boch brand is respected and admired all around the world and it is still after 250 years a family company. This is very scarce in the current society. The eighth generation of founders is now active involved in the development of exceptional tableware. They are known for their creative designs, their style and high quality of their materials and production.

    Nowadays Villeroy & Boch is the largest manufacturer of china ware, bathrooms and tiles. Their tableware is well-known, but they also offer a wide scale of crystal, cutlery and accessories, some are especially designed to complete their tableware. Their range of gifts offer a fitting solution for every event.

Villeroy & Boch Cooking Elements

"Reduced to the maximum" is the motto behind the basic product range of 28 articles that has been developed for Cooking Elements. Intelligent functionality and combinability allow innumerable preparation and serving possibilities. A particular highlight is the portion-based sizing system with dishes available for one, two, four or six portions – something for every kind of household from those living alone to extended families. There are also practical and helpful additional products like silicone lids and heat insulation mats.

The core concept of Cooking Elements is multifunctionality and versatility – from the cooker to the table to the fridge. Meals can be prepared, served and stored using just one dish, perhaps adding a matching lid. And all the articles are perfectly coordinated and stackable.

The basic range of Cooking Elements includes shallow round dishes in seven sizes from 7cm to 30cm, ideal for quiches or tarts. The same items also lend themselves to use as lids or stands for the five deep round dishes of 6cm to 15cm and the large baking dishes of 24cm and 28cm. For casseroles there are also square and rectangular shallow and deep dishes, both available in seven different sizes: the shallow ones ranging from 8cm x 8cm to 36cm x 26cm and the deeper dishes from 7cm x 7cm to 34cm x 24cm. The shallow dishes also act as lids, stands or drip trays for the deeper ones – even in the oven.

For baking, stewing, keeping meals warm and storing food there are food-safe, round and square silicone lids in Fuchsia, Honey and Lagoon. The lids act as colour accents and are designed for space-saving storage. The matching mats are colour coordinated with the silicone lids, while a selection of kitchen textiles with tea-towels, aprons and oven-gloves completes the range.

All the products from Cooking Elements are extremely versatile. They are perfect for various oven uses such as preparing gratins, browning, grilling and stewing, and for keeping food warm. Meals can also be served directly from the cookware and the ceramic lids ensure that the food stays warm and succulent. And the dishes are also ideal for storage purposes: both the ceramic and the silicone lids keep the food wonderfully fresh, especially if stored in the fridge. If desired, articles from Cooking Elements can also be frozen, as the range is not only heat resistant up to 260°C but is also suited for freezer temperatures down to -60°C.


  • premium porcelain
  • dishwasher safe
  • oven safe up to 260°C
  • grill safe
  • freezer safe down to -60°C
  • microwave safe
  • stackable


  • premium silicone
  • food safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • oven safe up to 260°C
  • freezer safe down to -60°


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