Wine Glasses

The perfect glass for every purpose

Today´s wine enthusiasts are discovering how to make wine part of an exhilarating and fun lifestyle. The wine experience is becoming more adaptable to individual tastes and desires. While many of our glasses can accommodate a wide range of wines, each one is designed to also be able to maximize the pleasures of certain types of wines. So here are just a few guidelines to help those who want to enjoy even more nuanced flavors and notes.

Burgundy Glass
Aromatic Red Wines - The generous pear-shaped bowl allows the more mature, high quality, low-tannin aromatic wines to breathe openly, allowing the drinker to appreciate the nuanced differences among more complex wines.

Red Wine Glass
Full-bodied red wines - benefit from this large, luscious red wine goblet to truly express their sensuous fullness.

Bordeaux Glass
Large Complex Wines - Ideal for large complex wines, the elegant full-sized bowl reveals the rich aromas of a full, highly tannic red wine.

White Wine Glass
Cool Crisp Wines - A very versatile glass and a favourite of those who prefer one glass from which to enjoy both red and white wines. Ideal for full-bodied whites and medium-bodied reds.

White Wine Small
Fresh & Light Wine - An elegant shape well suited for light and mediumbodied white wines and light-bodied red wines.

Champagne Flute
Bubbly - The design and function of the sleek glass highlight the delicate aromas and subtle flavors of champagne. The narrow flute shaped bowl captures the pearl-like bubbles, revealing their delicate notes as they explode on the wine’s surface.

Champagne Glasses with Effervescence Point

This is a wider glasS then a normale Champagne Flute. A small hump on the bottom of the glass stimulates the bubbles.As a result, you get a nice sparkle, making the aromas to the fullest to prosper. Cava, Prossecco, Crémant or other high-quality foam wines are normally served in these glasses.


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